Planting Carrots

March has arrived, which means it’s time to plant! Hopefully this will give you something to look forward to as we endure the rainy season.

It is really important that you make sure your soil is completely free of rocks, weeds, and other impediments. Like you before your coffee in the mornings, carrots need their space.


If you haven’t gotten around to preparing your garden bed, check out our previous post Planning your Garden.

When your garden has been thoroughly prepped, it’s time for seeds. Well, it’s almost time for seeds. It’s still a little cold, so you should probably still wait a few weeks before you plant.


If you’re using the square foot gardening method it’s important to make sure your seeds are spaced apart appropriately, about 2 inches.

If you’re using the row method, make sure each row is a foot apart, and your seeds have 2 to 3 inches between them.

Digging Holes

When digging holes for your seeds, you want to make sure the holes are ½ inch deep.

Plant about 4 to 6 seeds per hole. You can thin them out later if needed. You can buy seeds from most hardware stores or plant nurseries, but one of my favorite places to buy seeds is the Territorial Seed Company.

When covering, mulch well. The seeds need to be well covered to speed up germination. However, be gentle when tamping down the soil.

After about 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll start to see little sprouts!

ID-10013392Early Care

Carrots need about one inch of water per week. However, it is the rainy season so remember to take into account how much water your garden has already had.

It’s important to make sure the soil is loose and not over or under watered. This will mean the difference between having a traditional looking carrot, and one that looks like a two-pronged fork.

Lastly, don’t neglect to weed and thin! When the tops of the carrots are about an inch tall, thin them out to 3 inches apart.

Harvest Preview

For the first few weeks, keep watering, weeding, and thinning. Carrots typically take about 2 to 2 ½ months to fully mature.

Next month, we’ll tell you how to know when your carrots are ready and how to harvest them.

Happy Gardening!

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