Meal Planning with Pacific Coast Harvest

Growing up in Kansas City and raised with those midwest family values, I’ve inherited a love for home cooked meals shared with loved ones at the table.  I’m only cooking for 2 (newlywed) most of the week, and beyond conflict resolution, my main priority my first year of marriage was learning how to cook meals both my husband and I would enjoy for flavor, and for intentional time spent together in the kitchen.   

I soon realized that cooking was only a small part of managing meals in the home.  There was also planning, shopping, storing, and of course, clean up.  My meal planning skills have improved drastically and I no longer spend a few hours each week skimming through cookbooks, and to be completely honest, Pinterest, looking for the perfect blend of nutritious, green, healthy meals for me, and delicious, comforting, savory foods for the hubs.  I do have to say upfront that my house is a meat-dairy-gluten-eating household, but love and respect the vegetarians, vegans, and GF folks in our midst.

Here is how I allow weekly Pacific Coast Harvest deliveries make managing meals more efficient in my household:

Planning: Nowadays, I let PCH produce inform my meals with each delivery.  Planning comes after I see the bright, fresh, organic offering for the week.  I empty the contents of the box in my kitchen, taking stock of each vegetable and fruit as I lay them out on the table…and return the box to my front porch, out of the way.

Storing:  I store leafy greens in crisper drawers, tough root veggies and some fruits in baskets on the counter (potatoes, onion, garlic, apples, banana), and fit anything else that seems more delicate in the fridge.

Shopping:  Because I have a weekly flow of fresh produce with PCH, most of my grocery needs are for a variety of meats, spices, dairy, grains, nuts, and canned goods.  I like to keep meat on hand to pull out and defrost midday to accompany veggie dishes I’ll prepare for dinner.  I always have plenty of canned tomatoes, beans, and essentials (oils, flour, eggs, bread, butter) stocked up and stowed away for use with any dish that calls for it.  Again, it’s the veggies that are informing my meals these days so I stock up on “general” items that will be seasoned and accompanied to enhance the produce.

Cooking: This is the fun part!  My go-to ratio for a meal: protein, vegetable, and complex carbohydrate with a salad on the side.  For more in-depth cooking ideas, check in for weekly recipes featuring items from you PCH box.

Clean up: Always made better with some good tunes or a podcast, and some little (or big) helping hands.

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About Devon Dodgson

As a past Pacific Coast Harvest customer, and current Pacific Coast Harvest contributor, Devon shares recipes and wellness content to benefit the families we serve speaking as someone who’s “been there, done that”. Devon teaches music lessons, raises chickens with her husband, and loves cooking for family and friends.