Health and Beets

Here at Pacific Coast Harvest, we care about what we eat. One of the biggest reasons we support local organic produce is not only to foster sustainable practices, but because it is simply better for you.

Towards that end, this week I’m focusing on something new: nutrition.

We know our customers are invested in being informed consumers. We hope you’ve appreciated learning about other veggies we’ve featured in the past. To start us off here are some good things to know about beets!


Beets have a history dating back to the Middle Ages, where they were primarily used for medicinal purposes. It wasn’t until the French started cooking with them in the 1800s that this root vegetable began to become a popular food.

There are quite a variety of beets, as you have probably seen in your boxes, the most common being golden or red beets. No matter what the type, beets are a super vegetable that if included in your diet, has a myriad of health benefits.

·      For starters, it cleans your liver, which cleans your blood by filtering out toxins and nutrients.

·      Beets also contain about 14% of the manganese you need in your diet. This mineral will keep your brain sharp and your nervous system functioning well.

·      Thirdly, betaine. It’s incredible. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “the growing body of evidence shows that betaine is an important nutrient for the prevention of chronic disease.” Beets contain around 175mg of betaine, which decreases harmful substances in your blood vessels, and thereby promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. Who doesn’t want that?


·      Got hypertension issues? Try beet juice. According to the American Heart Association, consuming around 500 milliliters of beet juice will quickly reduce hypertension. The effects can even last up to 24 hours!

·      Lastly, for all you runners out there, you’ll love this next fact. Saint Louis University published a recent study that eating beets can actually make you run faster. They found the nitrate released in cooked beets actually helped some runners shave off 41 seconds in the last mile! If you’re curious, here’s the link to the actual study:

Now that you have been thoroughly schooled on the advantages of beets, you might be wondering, “but how do I make them not taste like dirt?” For starters, check out Marshall’s Recipe and try our Roasted Golden Beets and Apple Salad.


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