Eating well, Cooking well

We’ve heard it time and time again; diet and nutrition are foundational building blocks to wellness and healthy lifestyle.  It’s no secret, but it’s also not so simple when it comes down to it either.  There are so many hours in the day and depending on lifestyle, commute, kids, activities, etc…eating well (much less, cooking well) becomes hard to do!  We’re busy on-the-go people who often eat on-the-go too.  One of the key aspects of cooking at home is that you have control over ingredients and taste, often lending to healthier and cheaper meals.

Here is some encouragement and practical application to beginner cooks inspired to start eating more regularly at home, but not quite sure where to begin:

1) Follow directions!

Buy a cookbook or simply browse through reputable online food blogs (not all recipes are created equal).  Pick out a recipe or 2 or 3…go ahead and plan the week’s meals!  Customize your PCH box to ramp up produce called for in the recipes before heading to the grocery for more ingredients that you don’t have stocked in your pantry already.  Then get to cooking; simply follow the recipe!

2) Repeat

Confidence in the kitchen comes with practice.  Start with a commitment to cook 1 or 2 meals per week at home.  The more you cook, the more you’ll discover patterns and techniques called for in multiple recipes.   You’ll notice that most use garlic, onion, salt, and recurring spices.  Observe the patterns and go to the store with those “staple” ingredients in mind.

3) Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the kitchen…really?!  I know it’s a little cheesy, but I’m always looking for ways to disconnect from technology/stress of the world and connect with my self and be more present.   Cooking won’t be enjoyable for everyone, but I encourage you to tune into your body as your cooking.  If you’ve had a stressful, busy day, what changes do you notice as you dive into cooking.  Can the kitchen become an intentional space for relationship and collaboration with children and/or partners cooking together?  Are you like me and just prefer some alone-time while cooking to decompress after a work day?  Are you finding pleasure and enjoyment in how you cook and what you eat?

4) Follow along to PCH recipes

We’re generating unique recipes each week corresponding with PCH box contents to help streamline your cooking process for at least 1 meal!  Watch a video of the recipe on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see how it’s done before setting to work on your own!  The full recipes are posted on our blog each week.

Happy cooking!

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About Devon Dodgson

As a past Pacific Coast Harvest customer, and current Pacific Coast Harvest contributor, Devon shares recipes and wellness content to benefit the families we serve speaking as someone who’s “been there, done that”. Devon teaches music lessons, raises chickens with her husband, and loves cooking for family and friends.