A FREE smoothie recipe from Elyse Wagner’s “Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health”

One of our favorite new authors, Elyse Wagner, is sharing with us a recipe from her awesome new book, “Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health.”

As she says in her book, this particular smoothie we’re featuring “creates a triple dose of nourishment!”

Special thanks to Elyse, of “My Kitchen Shrink,” for sharing her recipe with all our Produce Lovers.

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Basil & Lemon Green Glow
by Elyse Wagner

3 cups water
1 cup ice, optional
1 ½ lemons peeled, halved and seeded
1/8 cup honey
½ cup basil leaves
Loads of love

Health Goodies:
Water: improves digestion, relieves constipation, improves immune system and mood. Regulates body temperature, relieves headaches and fatigue, promotes skin health

Lemon: antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, increases immunity
Basil: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, heart health


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