3 Ways to Get Your Fitness Back on Track Before Summer

3 Ways to Get Your Fitness Back on Track Before Summer


We are 30% of the way through 2014 and you promised yourself you would get in better shape and improve your health.

How are you doing so far?

· Did you reduce your stress level?

· Did you improve your diet?

· Did you take exercise more seriously?

· Or did you allow the last 3 months pass by without changing a thing?

If you haven’t put any thought into it yet, then do so now because it’s not too late. The fact is that you will age and change in 2014, and by next year you will be slightly (or dramatically) different than you are today.

As a personal trainer in Kirkland, I have firsthand experience in helping people rethink how they approach not just their health and fitness goals, but their overall lifestyle goals in a way that ensures success. All it takes is a little commitment and a few simple strategies – and you can stay on the healthy track.

Here are three things you can do right now to ensure your springtime fitness success.


1. Break It Down

The key to making changes in your life is to create concrete, measurable goals. Rather than saying, “I want to lose 50 pounds” try saying “This week I will lose one or two pounds.” Small steps add up to big changes overtime. By accomplishing your short-term goals, you will feel the success that will help motivate you to keep up the hard work to reach your long-term goals.


2. Make a Plan

Without a map, it’s easy to lose your way, especially during stressful times. What are you going to do to achieve your goal? Be specific. A good action plan would be, “I’m going to work out three times a week for three months.” Put it on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself. What is the Plan B if something pops up? Anticipate the road blocks that might get in your way and put some strategies in place BEFORE they become a problem.


3. Stay Positive

It’s not easy to change bad habits, but it is possible. And it takes practice. You might not immediately see huge changes. The important thing is focus on your goals, stick to the plan and talk nice to yourself. That little voice in your head has to power to motivate or deflate. Keep it positive and you will be successful. Surround yourself with other positive, supportive people who inspire and energize you.


When you do those three things, you will reach your health and fitness goals and be feeling great about yourself in no time.


But, getting started with these three things is often the hardest part so I created a new 30 Day Slim by Summer Challenge to help you get started, begin to look and feel your best and stay motivated to actually keep your 2014 promise to yourself. It’s never too late to start!


Josh Cooper is a personal trainer and owner of Embody Health Boot Camp in Kirkland. Reach him at josh@kirklandfitness.com.

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